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Taking legal action against an estate administrator or defending yourself from litigation is a stressful process. If you are the beneficiary of a mismanaged estate or an executor accused of misappropriation, Illana D. Leiser will review the facts to determine whether there may be grounds for litigation.


Representation For Beneficiaries

Executors and estate administrators must give an accounting of all assets and distributions before the case closes in probate court. This reporting includes receipts for bill payments and the sale of real property or other assets. In addition, trustees are held to fiduciary standards of fairness and impartiality.

Because of her financial background, Ms. Leiser is comfortable reviewing complex financial transactions. Combined with her legal knowledge, this financial expertise can prove beneficial in identifying errors, mismanagement or wrongdoing. If a potential breach of fiduciary duty is found, Ms. Leiser will take the necessary steps to defend the rights of a beneficiary and hold an executor, administrator or trustee accountable in court.

Ms. Leiser can help you with many types of estate litigation, including:

Representation For Executors, Administrators And Trustees

Trustees and executors must meet a high legal standard when administering a trust or estate. As a result, beneficiaries sometimes accuse fiduciaries of breaching their duties, even when they have done nothing wrong.

Ms. Leiser will thoroughly investigate the details of your case and work to get you the best possible outcome if you are wrongly accused.

Ms. Leiser Will Fight For You

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